It always seems impossible until it's done

I try to follow every project through from the original idea to the finished close-to-market product. I don't put ideas to a drawer for later. I enjoy transforming difficult-to-grasp tasks into functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Each completed project enriches a next project, with each completed object the boundaries of what's possible move further.

Start with personal dedication to quality and craftmanship

I was born into a family with a long craft tradition, where love for wood and craft has been inherited for at least four generations. As a child and teenager I spent many enriching moments in my father's workshop learning a lot about wood and techniques of wood carving and mastering the secrets of the age-old tradition.

After graduating from Industrial Design course at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and was thinking of which direction to take, I naturally followed the family tradition. I designed two ski collections, in cooperation with the Czech producer Lusti, picking up the thread of legacy of my great-grandfather, who produced skis in the Bohemian Forest Mountains before World War II. In this project for the first time I got the hang of how challenging and fulfilling it may be to bring the original idea to the final product.

Reach the limits and move beyond them

Today, apart from working with wood, I use many new techniques and technologies. Nevertheless, I always try to respect the material I work with. I move in different sectors that intertwine, enjoy getting to know and crossing the boundaries of disciplines and materials, and develop original concepts in different forms.

In this way the silent servant was created. The principle of physical instability has been transformed into a character trait, giving a casual piece of furniture a "new life". I then developed the same basic idea in the one zero lamp, which inherited the same principle, but hides a much more sophisticated technical solution that moves the original simple concept in a whole new direction.

Don't stop. Make your ideas happen.

It is always a long way to go from the idea to the final product . Often, the simpler the original idea, the more difficult it is to implement it. To think through some difficult-to-grasp problems means to come up with new design solutions, go along and leave many dead ends, carry on regardless early doubts until the product can be launched.

Thanks to my complex experience in various industries, I can support the project at every stage of development and help my clients along. From a concept, through production of a functional prototype, collaboration with designers to marketing support for the finished product.

And then, the hard work finally pays off

It is always motivating when your work brings joy not only to you, but to others too. Therefore, I appreciate the big, as well as the small, recent achievements that make my efforts meaningful and help me go on.

One Zero was awarded the Best Lighting Award at Designblok Awards 2018 in the Best Lighting category. It was also nominated at the Elle Deco International Awards, and contributed to my nomination for the Designer of the Year at Czech Grand Design Awards. 

Need a help with your project?

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