Presidential Oath

Ceremonial set for the inauguration of the President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel on 9th March 2023 

The set consists of plates, a ceremonial sheet and a metal pen. The design of the plates is representative and statesmanlike, yet minimalist and timeless. The metal plates are made of the noble metals dural and brass. The brass parts accentuate the mechanical and decorative part of the plates. The contrast between the materials is supported by the production technology, and their distribution also corresponds to their function. The duralumin part is made by a computer-controlled milling machine, the brass pen is turned, the form of the promise is calligraphed.

Photo from the inauguration. Credit by the office of the President of the Czech Republic.

The inaugural set was created in collaboration with calligrapher Petra Dočekalová

The upper side of the case is decorated with a milled relief calligraphic inscription Oath. The script is based on an italic handwriting, in which the entire wording of the Oath is also written. The relief inscription is tilted so that its shafts are perpendicular to the plates. The calligraphic vow composition highlights the first sentence written in blue, symbolizing hope.

Behind the scenes

The production of case combines manual work with current technology. The boards were first designed and modelled in 3D software; then their duralumin part was milled using a computer-controlled milling machine. Subsequently, the case were processed by hand and underwent a chemical surface treatment. Grinding, polishing, and final assembly were not without manual labour.

The elegant brass pen with a special thread is made entirely of brass. It was made by hand according to the design of Karel Matějka and was turned by his grandfather Vojtěch Matějka at the age of 86 in Běšiny in Šumava. A total of two original pieces were created, which differ in the length of the tip. The pen is fitted with a cartridge with archival ink, also of the Penac brand, which guarantees the quality of the signature even after many decades.

Studio photos by Jan Mahr